It is common knowledge that certain workplaces aren’t as conducive to the suit and tie as others would be. In certain professions, it’s common to see people walking around in crocs and not worry about a thing. The only they have to be afraid of is spilling their coffee on themselves and their laptops.

For you though, this all looks like child’s play. Where you work can sometimes look like the iron forges of Mordor. In these places, the slightest mishap could land you in hospital, or worse cause severe damage to parts of your body.

This is one reason why personal protective equipment is very important in your line of work, especially as a welder. You should always be protected from head to toe when preforming the process. The hazards of welding are very dangerous and often life threatening. From the to gloves protect your hands from heat to the helmets that will stop you from burning a hole through your retina, down your optical nerve and through the spine, there is no discounting how important PPE is to you, especially working with heavy metals.

Perhaps the one piece of equipment that will have you coming back to work every day, and still carry you to do other tasks is the kind of boots you wear. The best welding boots need to prevent a wide variety of injuries from affecting you and the work you do. That way, you get to enjoy your work, instead of queuing up to fill disability benefits. We have researched and decided our top work boots that will fit all your needs.

Top Safety Footwear For Welders in 2020

1. Timberland Wellington Welding Boots

The Timberland Wellington Welding Boots is a pair of boots that have been made specifically to conquer a wide variety of environmental conditions that you may find yourself in as the job demands. These boots are absolutely waterproof. What’s more, the treads on the sole are heavy-duty, which means there is zero chance of you slipping in water, or oil.

The designers included two areas at the top where you can grip them with your hands to put on. Another important factor is how comfortable these welding boots are, they don't need to be broken into. The ventilation feels great and they're over all very tough, so these working boots are built to last.

However, if you're going to be working on a weld all day long; it's recommended to get insoles for maximum comfort.


  • The soles are slip, and oil resistant.
  • The full-grain leather is stain repellant.
  • The boots are fully waterproof.


  • The insoles are uncomfortable for long periods.

2. Rhino Metatarsal Welding Boots

Whether they were meant by the company to represent a rhino and leaving you to imagine the horn, or whether it was an accidental design, one thing is clear. This boot does have the tough exterior of a rhino. It's made from full-grain leather which is water and fire resistant without losing flexibility. 

All jokes aside, the Rhino Metatarsal Welding Boots pair of boots is widely respected for having excellent qualities for an affordable price. Even though it lacks Kevlar stitching, it still holds up well in the hot environments of a welding workshop. The out-sole is also made with non-skid tread rubber that won't let you slip, regardless of the liquid.

The metal clips are known for going through several laces, but this can be solved by getting a high-quality pair of laces.


  • The soles are oil resistant.
  • Has a metatarsal guard.
  • Excellent price for the quality.


  • It goes through poor quality laces easily.
  • Does not have Kevlar stitching.

3. Rock Rooster Men’s Welding Work Boots

Most of the shoes you will come across, whether on this list or elsewhere, will usually be in one color. They may be either in black, or very dark brown. This here is a step away from that and the desert brown can make one think it was made for the runway

That being said, the main focus of these boots is the water resistance and non-slip out-sole.  

The Rock Rooster Men’s Work Boots features full-grain leather, a steel toe cap, and slip-resistant soles, which are made of rubber. Even if water does somehow manage to get into the boots, the insides are lined with a waterproof membrane system whose main job is to keep the insides dry, and also dry quickly when water does enter these boots.


  • The footbed is contoured for comfortability.
  • It is water-resistant.
  • The full-grain leather is awesome.
  • Very fashionable even outside of work


  • The size options are not many. People with larger feet may need to look elsewhere.

4. Caterpillar Men’s Second Shift Welding Boots

Caterpillar is company known for producing quality equipment. IN this case, they didn’t try to do too much or complicate things. They kept things in a simple package, but a quality one. The shoes are built using full-grain leather and have slip-resistant traction soles.

The insides of the shoes, for those prone to developing a pungent pong, are layered with a Climasphere insole to keep them, well, not fresh, but not repulsive either. In this endeavor, the insole is aided by a nylon mesh lining that also adds to the comfortability factor. As is standard with work boots, a steel toe cap is added for that extra bit of protection.


  • A versatile boot that can be worn at work and other activities.
  • The sole is slip-resistant.
  • Excellent protection with the steel toe cap.


  •  It is not the most comfortable shoe.
  • Needs to be broken in

5. Timberland Pro 53530 Welding Boots

The Timberland Pro 53530 is a boot that was built to meet the highest standards possible. The safety features that have gone into this boot are just enough to force you to close your eyes and purchase them, no questions asked.

The steel toe cap is a must for a boot to qualify as a work boot. From here, Timberland has included a met guard to protect your feet. The insoles are also built to be resistant to abrasion and slipping from both oil and water.

Also, there is an antimicrobial lining built into the inside of the shoe, to help deal with unwanted odors. The design is completed with a contoured footbed made of polyurethane.


  • Metatarsal guards are always a welcome feature.
  • Lightweight for comfort in long duration.
  • Combination of leather and rubber are excellent.


  • The price is steep.
  • The laces may need replacing after a while.

6. Dr. Marten’s Ironbridge MG Welding Boots

The Dr. Marten’s Ironbridge MG is a pair of boots that look like it wouldn’t be out of place in a zombie apocalypse, or other crazy situation like the Mad Max.

As usual, the steel toe cap is a must-have feature, but the game has been taken to another level of heavy-duty. The steel toe cap can withstand 200 joules of impact force, and 15 kilonewtons of compression force.

You also get full-grain leather that is resistant to both oil and water and yes, there is a metatarsal guard. On the inside is a cushioned Smartmask insole which is responsible for exceptional comfort while wearing this shoe, it feels as if you're walking on clouds.


  • Excellent protection features.
  • The insole is one of the most comfortable in the market.
  • A metatarsal guard is always welcome.


  • The toe box may be a bit too tight.
  • The weight can be a problem if you tend to move around alot.

7. Michelin Men’s Sledge Welding Boots

Michelin only lends its name only to the highest quality products and establishments in the world. From building high-quality tires to providing a high-quality rating system for restaurants and now coming up with work boots that can only be of the highest quality.

In the same way that they judge how restaurants present their food, they have brought out a boot that is appealing to the eyes. But it’s not just a matter of how it looks, but how it operates. The soles of these boots are made of a rubber that is meant to be slip-resistant to both oil and water.

The metatarsal guard is designed to protect feet and laces. This is one of the most comfortable boots as a result of the shock-absorbing midsoles and comfortable inner soles that support the arch of the feet.


  • Comfortable to operate in for extended periods.
  • Full grain leather and anti-slip resistant soles are a nice touch.
  • The price is fair.


  • They are not waterproof.
  • Fairly heavy

8. Ariat Men’s Sierra Welding Work Boot

Have you already had a pair of work boots that felt a little too drab for you and you now want something more topical? Well, here’s something that will have you going to work feeling like you are a contemporary of John Wayne and Clint Eastwood.

Even though they may make you look awesome, they don’t detract from any of the industry standards. The ASTM compliant steel toe cap will provide you the same protections as others. The soles are anti-slip, as well as offering electrical hazard protection.

The insides are constructed using a gel footbed to offer shock absorption for your feet and increase comfortability over extended periods of operation.


  • They are built with Goodyear Welt for durability.
  • Style and substance comes together nicely in one package.
  • They are absolutely comfortable.


  • Does not have a metatarsal guard.
  • Prices can be steep.


Out of a range of welding boots available, these are some of the best available. However, not everyone can comfortably wear Ariat’s Sierra and go to work, and be completely fine with it. For some, the basic bland looks are all that matter to them.

As such, only one shoe can come out on top of the rest, and that is the Timberland Pro 53530. The best welding boots offered in terms of value in protection, aesthetics, and price.