Ever since it was first discovered, the process of welding had intrigued many people. As such, many put in hours of practice into it. From then, many companies took up the mantle of development in this new field that was emerging.

From there, many forms of welding arose, each with their own merits and demerits. Each of these types of welding became suitable for use in different fields and industries. From car repairs to putting together pipelines to transport oil over vast distances, the weld had made certain sections of commerce to grow to an intercontinental level.

Fast forward to today and welding has proliferated greatly, and no longer just a preserve of the big industries. The local car mechanic has welding as a skillset. The DIY enthusiast next door has one for their little projects. This is a result of the machines being readily available for anyone who is interested.

Of these machines, not all will serve you and what you need. Some can do multiple things, others only one. So, which is the best for you at your price point? Let’s take a look at eight of the best MIG, TIG, and STICK welders for the money.

Top Budget (MIG, TIG, STICK) Welder in 2020

1. Lotos LTPCD2000C

Yes, here is a welder that has quite the mouthful of a serial number, but then again, that’s how they always are. That in no way detracts from the power and versatility that this welder can give you. For a stick welder, it does a great job of being a multipurpose tool.

Yes, not only does it do stick welding, but the Lotos LTPCD2000C can also function as a TIG welder, and a plasma cutter. And that’s not all. Depending on where you are, or what you want to do, you can take advantage of the dual voltage capability to get superb results for your TIG and stick welds.


  • This is a proper multipurpose machine.
  • It is a dual input voltage machine.
  • Has an output range of 15 to 200 amps.


  • The design is not so easy on the eye.
  • The leads, at six feet, are quite short.

2. Everlast PowerARC 140

In certain cases, you may not be looking for something with a number of shiny bells and whistles. Sometimes, you just want something that can get your little jobs done. This may also mean that you don’t want something expensive, and this is where this welder comes in.

The Everlast PowerARC 140 welder is quite light, at 24.8 pounds, as it does not come with a plasma cutter. The good thing though is that it is a dual input voltage machine, capable of putting out up to 140 amps of power. Perhaps one of the best features of this welder is not what’s on it, but what’s around it.

The seller has placed a five-year warranty on the quality of this machine.


  • Has leads measuring eight feet.
  • Is a multipurpose welder.
  • It is quite affordable.


  • Power output is low.
  • Best left for hobbyists.

3. Hobart Handler 210

It’s not every day you get to meet royalty, but when you do, I hope you test them hard to see what mettle they’re made of. Here is one royal that has proved, constantly that they’re made of the toughest stuff. The Hobart Handler 210 doesn’t just do work, they do it with grace and guile.

Here is a welder that was built with the user in mind. This is due to the different settings available on it, for the amperage output, and the wire speed for the MIG welds. This allows the welder to set their perfect rates.

The Hobart Handler 210 is a welder that would suit the beginners and the low volume professionals quite well.


  • Has excellent ampere range.
  • For the quality, it is quite affordable.
  • Comes with an accurate welding chart.


  • This is best left on a workbench as it is heavy.
  • An aluminum spool gun is not included.

4. Forney Easy Weld 271

A company that was barely known a few years has suddenly stepped up and is challenging the already established giants. I, the skeptical one, would say that’s hogwash until I came across the reviews and awards that have been bestowed upon it.

Although a gives a tad bit fewer amperes than the Hobart, that doesn’t detract from the quality weld beads that the machine gives. In case you want to diversify your skills into TIG welding, you don’t have to get another machine to do the job. Simply get the TIG leads which are sold separately, but definitely worth for the money for the additional piece.

The only poor thing is that the lads are short.


  • It is surprisingly very easy to operate.
  • The quality is excellent for such an affordable price.
  • The instruction manuals are written out clearly.


  • It provides low amperage.
  • It has very short leads.

5. AHP AlphaTIG 200X

While the giants of the industry have been known to dominate, here is a welder that does not have a history of pedigree just coming out of nowhere and blowing every other welder out of the water. Yes, TIG welding is one of the most complicated and it needs a machine as good as this to get the job done.

The AHP AlphaTIG 200X is a machine that can take dual voltages, in both DC and AC. And what’s more, this gives welding beads of quality similar to the machines that are priced much higher than this. And what’s more, it does this while costing like a budget machine.


  • It has pulse arc capabilities.
  • Includes a foot pedal, and a finger switch.
  • Is capable of high-frequency starts.


  • The earthing clamp could be better.
  • The dials on the face could be intimidating to some.

6. Miller Maxster 150 STL

Yes, the HP might provide beads that are comparable in quality to the higher end machines, that doesn’t mean it is one. And Miller has just stepped up to try and take back what’s theirs. The Miller Maxster 150 STL welder is a compact machine packed with a lot of power.

The small size makes it a favorite for technicians who have to travel with their gear. It also comes with a 12-foot lead, which is double what other manufacturers include with theirs. This is one of the reasons why even though it was designed with professionals in mind, it is worth it for the beginners and hobbyists who end up purchasing this welder.


  • It is bundles with an excellent TIG torch.
  • Compact and easy to move around with.
  • Has quite a long warranty.


  • The price is definitely not budget-friendly.
  • Only meant for steel applications.

7. Esab Rebel 215ic

While many machines pride themselves on being good at one thing, and okay at another, here is a welder that attempts to be good at three forms of welding. And yes, it crushes most of the competition it’s been facing. This welder can easily handle MIG, TIG, Stick or flux core welding at a low cost for the feature it includes.

The Esab Rebel 215 ic welder easily outputs 200 amperes from the DC outlets. Weighing in at 55 pounds, this is one must have machine. This versatility makes it one of the best, not only for the professional technician who is running around making repairs and new welds, but also to students who want to learn and work on their skills.


  • It comes in a roll cage with five handles; protection and portability sorted.
  • It comes with a TIG torch bundled with a regulator.
  • It produces excellent welds.


  • A foot pedal is not included.
  • The connectors for the TIG gun are plastic and can be easily damaged.

8. Forney 324

Ah yes, the Italian thoroughbred decided to take a gander at making multi-process welders, and they absolutely crushed it. This particular welder is a beautifully constructed compact welder that makes it easy for technicians to lug around.

At only 43 pounds, even the most gentle students will enjoy the portability. The other thing that they’re going to love is its ability to run on both 110 and 230 volts. This makes it quite a portable powerhouse that can easily handle any TIG, MIG or stick tasks that you send its way.

Whether you are working from home, or from an industrial perspective, the Forney 324 is a quality welder that will get the job done.


  • The cable leads are 10 feet long and feature strain protection.
  • The welder is easy to operate straight out of the package.
  • It is compatible with Tweeco products.


  • Be careful you buy from an authorized seller 
  • TIG welding requires extra equipment


Yes, there are very many welders out there, of every type. No, not all will serve your needs. This list includes two of the best welders from each welding type. These are the top MIG, TIG, Stick welders for the money.

The last two are welders that can handle all three jobs without breaking a sweat. You’ll be hard-pressed to find any other products that are much better than these. So, don’t think too hard on it. Take a more comprehensive look at these product specs with a simple click.