TIG welding, is a technique that uses a weld rod to connect two pieces of metal. A tungsten electrode is used to connect the two pieces of metal. The process is more than just connecting those metal pieces, it is the fusion of metal.

This technique uses an inert gas or plasma to fuse the different layers of the metal into one. Some refer to the process as electron welding, but many call it the TIG process.

The best TIG welder should give you high quality welds, if preformed correctly. It is used in all types of sectors, the technique is fairly simple, which allows for more mistakes if you are not a skilled welder.  Thy hardly produce any spatters, as oppose to other arc processes.

TIG welding is the most intricate of all the welding processes, so it's important to choose a machine that works. We have narrowed down the best TIG welder for the money, all of which will serve you well as you teach this process to somebody else, perform small household jobs, or weld for hobby purposes.


Top TIG Welding Machine In 2020

1. Miller 951674 Multimatic 215 TIG Welder Kit

This is a multipurpose welding tool that can handle MIG, TIG and stick welding. It makes a great tool for people new to welding that need to learn the processes in their most basic forms.

The TIG welds wonderfully and the accessories included, especially the foot pedal, ensure your jobs are clean and look great. The machine itself weighs in at just 11 lbs, making it easy to take anywhere and compact storage.

Despite its small size users were impressed with the weld penetration. It has a high price tag but the quality is definitely there.


  • Color LCD display
  • Dual gas connections
  • Runs off 120/220V power


  • Priced much higher than other units
  • No masks or extras included

2. Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT TIG Welder

This machine is certainly high in terms of price tag, but the quality is there. For starters, you get a microprocessor control which allows you the most precise control over all your welding functions and parameters.

This increases the cleanliness and quality, not to mention productivity, of your work.  The IGBT technology of this TIG/Stick welder gives you the finest arc stability ever and top level performance.

Second, if you are going to perform AC welding, you can do Sine Wave, Advanced Square Wave, and Soft square wave welds.

The unit itself is durable, but is a bit hefty at 60 lbs.


  • IGBT technology included- includes special advanced pulse for AC
  • Good for use with generator using PFC of >99%
  • Microprocessor helps you manage parameters and functions for welding


  • Price is quite high
  • Machine is rather bulky at 60 lbs

3. Weldpro Digital TIG Welder ACDC 200GD

This machine does still have a higher-end price tag, but it is still quite affordable and the quality of the items you get is unmatched.

One thing users noticed was the torch style. You can order it with the Euro style torch, or spend more for the CK torch.

It is great for welding aluminum, and the settings are easily adjusted to suit the job you’re doing. The nice foot pedal makes it a breeze to adjust amperage as needed.

We noticed there was no lift TIG starts. Despite this, the non touch start is simple to use and makes sure your weld is free of contaminants.


  • Can do stick welding thanks to included stinger
  • Professional design rocker style foot pedal included
  • Reduced size and weight increase efficiency by 30%


  • Users noted settings were tough to change
  • Must spend more money to get the CK torch

4. Amico TIG-160DC 110/230V TIG Welder

This is a mid-range priced, highly rated by consumers welding machine you’ll be glad to own. This is a powerful little machine that can do ⅜” stainless steel, plus can handle mild steel, copper, chrome and cast iron.

It features a full size TIG and stick platform, which is a real game changer when compared to other machines like this. The TIG torch and cable reach a nice 13 feet long and the stick holder and cable go to 10 feet.

This machine has some pretty nice inverter tech, when your work piece shortens up, the response of the machine will be faster. This makes it easier to perfect your weld and adjust the arc to be harder/softer.


  • 2 in 1 TIG and Stick welding machine
  • Delivers clean, spatter-free welds
  • Plugs into standard 110V power supply


  • No hot start
  • Not ideal for industrial use

5. SUNGOLD Power Arc MMA 200A TIG Welder

Here we have an affordably priced TIG welding machine that comes with the very basics needed to get started with TIG welding. It is easy for those with guidance to learn to operate, and veterans of welding seeking to do small jobs will enjoy this small machine.

Arc stability is excellent here, and you can hot start if you wish. You can operate the machine using a standard 110V machine or use a generator. This machine can handle small jobs that deal with stainless steel, cast iron, mild steel or even weld steel.

Included you will get the small unit, plus a 10 ft work clamp, power adapter and plug, ground clamp and electrode holder.


  • Offers overload protection in case of high voltage or over-current
  • Contains IGBT inverter technology
  • Great price point


  • Not ideal for heavy duty jobs
  • No long arcing with this machine

6. Hobart 500551 EZ-TIG 165i TIG Welder

This is a top rated choice for Hobart’s TIG welding machines.  It’s quite easy for beginners and simple for veterans who just want to get to work. Just fire up the machine, indicate what material you’re welding, and select the thickness range.

There is a neat feature called “fan on demand,” where the fan runs only when required to do so, which reduces the amount of debris/dust that gets into the machine. 

The machine can also perform an HF start for a non-contact arc start, this helps eliminate the contamination of your material.


  • Foot pedal included
  • Single knob control keeps everything regulated with just one touch
  • Can weld from 22 gauge to 3/16 in.


  • No LED readout
  • Weighs in at 60 lbs- may be bulky to carry

7. Mophorn TIG Welder 200

This is a 2 in 1 Stick and TIG welder that will make small jobs around the house simpler. Output current is easy to adjust using the front knob and the LED display on the front keeps you aware of the amp usage as you work.

This can be used for all kinds of work such as sheet metal processing, auto body work or small repair jobs at home. It operates on a 110V current and has compensation for fluctuating current.

The machine is perfect for welding stainless steel, titanium and chrome plus other metals.


  • Great price point
  • 2 in 1 TIG and stick welder
  • Lightweight and portable, just 16 lb


  • Light duty machine
  • One user noted that the amp display did not match actual amperage.

8. Lotos TIG200ACDC 200A AC/DC Aluminum TIG Welder

This machine will provide you with great aluminum welds thanks to its 200A AC square wave inverter.  The machine offers HF start hand torch control plus foot pedal heat control so your welds are just as you need them.

For stick welding, the machine offers easy Arc starts, a stable welding arc, and a deep weld pool. It’s easy to get your shapes just as you want them. This machine makes it easy for welding with acid or a basic electrode.

In sum, it is a mid-range priced machine that is sturdy and good for those who demand all around value and quality.


  • Comes with lots of great extras including foot pedal
  • Rated output is powerful 200 amps
  • 1 year warranty offered on purchase


  • Bulky to move around at 58 lbs
  • Foot pedal does not allow for fine amp control

Buying Guide For TIG Welders

The process of TIG welding requires you to have adequate heat to get the job done correctly. That being said, you’ll want a simple design that makes it easy for you to use. Various features are also preferred to give you multiple uses for your TIG welder. Designed for the more professional welding approach, buying a TIG welder takes a bit of research and shopping around.

TIG welders come in many varieties, and you can end up saving a lot of time on a job if you’ve picked the right unit. Quite different from a basic MIG welder, a TIG welder allows you intricate accuracy. Most TIG units will provide you with the options for different materials, and you can choose your power level.

Choosing Between a Transformer or Inverter

The TIG transformer welder used to be the primary option, but the more modern units are providing inverter options. Transformer units decreased the amount of input to a lower voltage. You couldn’t really achieve pulse welding or frequency control.

The newer inverter TIG welders allow for the incoming power supply to be rectified into DC current, which is inverted into AC by a half bridge inverter circuit. Transformer welders might be adequate for you.

Thinking about the Materials You’ll Be Welding

A TIG welder is a very versatile piece of equipment. You can weld any material that you want thanks this process of bringing two pieces of material together by way of a negative TIG torch electrode.

The only exception is aluminum, as that requires an alternating current. You could look for an AC/DC welder if you want to cover all of your bases.

Multi Function or Single Function

A TIG welder that provides multiple functions allows you to do the work of a MIG welder and TIG welder all in one.

If you choose something that only has one function, this unit is probably going to be used for a very specific process in a commercial shop or setting.

If you’re planning on accomplishing numerous jobs during the lifetime of your TIG welder, opt for multi function.


The general rule of thumb is thirty amps per millimeter of material thickness for aluminum and twenty-five amps per millimeter for steel.

This reflects a complete penetration into the material, not thinking about the type of weld joint that you’re producing.

Frequently Asked Questions About TIG Welders

Q: Should I purchase a pulse TIG welder?

If you select a TIG welder with pulse mode, you have the option to lower the overall current that you’re using by pulsing. The current is usually about thirty-percent lower when you’re in the decreased current.

This provides the opportunity for the material to melt and become solid, resulting in a more controlled weld. It’s optimal for thinner materials.

Q: How many different controls do I need on a TIG welder?

Amperage is really what you want to pay attention to. If you’re choosing an AC unit, you’ll want balance control and frequency control.

It’s likely that your welds will all come out beautifully with a basic unit. Having a few extra controls allows you to learn and grow.

Q: What is TIG welder duty cycle?

A duty cycle is simply the rating that the manufacturer gives to their product so you understand how efficient a TIG welder is at high amps for longer periods of time.

The duty cycle is the percentage of time in ten minutes that your unit can output the same current at forty degrees Celsius.


Our bottom line? The best one we’ve seen so far today is the Weldpro Digital. It comes with great accessories and is rated very favorably among buyers. It’s not so cheap that you get complaints as you do with some cheaper models, but not so expensive that you can’t afford it. You can learn stick and TIG welding with it. Go check it out!

What do you think about our choice for the best TIG welders for the money? Leave us a comment or question below about your favorite machine.