The best 220v MIG welder is broken down by versatility and power; it allows a comfortable weld on heavy steel. They are reliable for deep penetration of up to 1/2" thick steel and clean beads on heavy-duty projects.

Buying a great MIG welding machine no easy task. Even if you choose to buy an inexpensive one, the investment can be significant. Things you want to consider are where will you be welding?

Will it be in your garage, outdoors under a covered shed. Strictly outdoors, or in a commercial type work space? Among the largest considerations is the power source. Are you restricted to 110v, or does some of your potential work sites offer 220v power?

In general, while 110-volt power will work, you get a lot less amperage. For example, in dual 110v/220v machines, you might get 130 amps of power at 110 while 190 is possible with 220 voltage.

Why does this matter? Because the higher the amps, the faster and stronger the welds are. So whenever possible, buy a 220-volt machine or a dual, 110/220 volt welder.

In this review, we've selected some of the best 220v MIG welders in the industry for the money.


Top Budget 220v MIG Welding Machines in 2023

1. Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder

A dual voltage, 115-volt, 230-volt Welder, with a built-in multi-voltage plug, you can use this versatile machine just about anywhere. It welds with gas or allows you to go gasless with flux wire. There is some confusion about using it with a spool gun.

Yes, there is an optional spool gun for use with aluminum wire, however, the spool gun does not come with it. A key feature of the machine are seven welding functions, which allow you to easily dial in your welding tasks.

The really great thing about this welder is how easily and smoothly it welds. Even if you're not an experienced welder, it's possible with a little practice to weld up to 3/8th of an inch mild steel with the best of them.


  • A versatile welder that can be used almost anywhere
  • Has a great duty rating of 30 percent at 150 amps using 230-volt input 
  • Has a solid, 3-year warranty 


  • MIG welding and Flux welding only 
  • Short cables
  • Confusing information about spool gun. It is an optional add on 


A 220-volt, inverted powered, 180 amp MIG Welder, this is a decently priced welder that will do the job. One of the best features is an adjustable drive system, which contributes greatly to comfortable welding.

Another feature is a brass to brass gun connection.

The Lincoln Electric is made fairly light at 66 pounds and has a strong, cast aluminum body. It also has a great duty cycle, of 30 percent at 130 amps, allowing you plenty of welding functionality.

It's not perfect. The Lincoln is more suited to light-duty welding, but it's quite easy to lay down a bead with it.


  • Reasonably affordable and worth the money invested
  • Operates with both gas and without for flux welding 
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty 


  • For light welding only
  • Set up is a bit confusing

3. Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 MP #K3963-1

This dual, 120-volt/240 volt welder has everything the K2598-1 does not.

First of all, it's very lightweight at only 40 lbs. In addition, you can use it on ordinary household power or with a decent size generator, as well as on 220. Thirdly, with additional equipment, it will act as a TIG welder. You can also stick weld with it.

Although moderately expensive, this is a great all-around welder for the money. The versatility and power of the Lincoln Electric 210 MP alone will give you a clean weld worth your buck. The lightweight and quality build will provide you with the assurance you need.


  • Dual 110/220 volt input 
  • Easy digital controls 
  • Weighs only 40 lbs
  • Capable of doing MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux welding
  • 3-year warranty


  • Fairly expensive 
  • TIG offers low amps for for lift arc welding, doesn't power through consistently 


A 220v Welder at a fairly decent price, it even comes with a spool gun for welding aluminum and also a welding mask is provided, although you'll eventually want to replace it with a mask that darkens automatically as you weld.

For beginning welders and those who only occasionally use a welder, the Lotos is perfect. This MIG welder will give you a nice arc without breaking your wallet. It's simple to set up as well as operate if you are still unfamiliar with adjusting the settings.

The biggest problem is that the welder is made in China, and if it breaks, there is only a one year warranty, and if you are outside of the warranty, good luck finding replacement parts.


  • Relatively inexpensive 
  • Decent duty cycle, 30 percent at 130 amps 
  • Comes with a spool gun for aluminum welding 


  • Chinese made 
  • 1-year warranty
  • Parts difficult to come by 

5. Hobart 500536001 IronMan 230 MIG Welder

This is a powerful 220v Welder that really pumps up the amps, as it's capable of generating up to 250 amps of weld power. With an incredible duty cycle of 60 percent at 175 amps, whether you are dealing with steel, stainless steel or aluminum, the Hobart can handle it.

And speaking of aluminum, the Hobart Iron Man comes with a spool gun for aluminum welding. This welder will handle heavy industrial welding jobs, and is built solid.

First of all, it comes on wheels, no need to buy a welding cart, which is good because it does weigh a ton, nearly 175 lbs. But it has a fantastic warranty of up to 5 years on most parts.


  • A high amp, high duty cycle welder 
  • Built like a tank 
  • Made in the U.SA with a quality warranty
  • Comes with a spool gun for aluminum welding 


  • Among the more expensive units, so not for the hobbyist 
  • You'll need a 230v or 240v outlet to run the Iron Man on household power supply

6. Forney 318 MIG Welder

This is an easy to use, solidly built welder that welds Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum with Spool gun.

Weighing in at 65 lbs, it's solidly built, and has a solid 5/3/1 year warranty on the unit. Overall a well built welder that you can clearly see that it was made with quality in mind. Simple, but precise interface for all skill levels.

Among the great features are the 10-foot welding torch and 15 foot power cord. Many welders come with shorter torches and power chords.


  • Decent price for the worth and features 
  • Solidly built with excellent warranty 
  • Long chords and welding guns 


  • Units touchy about what brand of wire works best 
  • Somewhat heavy. You may need a cart 


For a quite decent price, this little portable, 40 lb, dual 120/220-volt inverter welder can do both MIG, ARC and Stick Welding, and will put out up 200 amps.

Not all that glitters is gold, however. The unit is made in China and only has a one year warranty. So there is the question of whether replacement parts will be available or not in the future.

Also, unless you have experience with welding, grab a friend who does, because the instruction manual is diffcult to understand.

Still, it's a good buy in general.


  • Quite reasonably priced 
  • Duty cycles of up to 60 percent for short periods of time 
  • Will weld in MIG, ARC and Stick formats 


  • Chinese Made
  • 1-year limited warranty 

8. Weldpro MIG200GDsv

Another 110v/220 volt welder, the Weldpro is decently priced, very light at only around 30 lbs, and has plenty of amperage. With a 30 percent duty cycle at 200 amps, and a welder capable of MIG, TIG and ARC Stick welding, you get a lot of bang for your bucks.

The digital settings are very easy to set on this welder, and you'll have no problem welding right out of the box. For MIG welding, although you may need to play around with it, the welder automatically adjusts the voltage according to the wire speed.

For those who love TIG welding, it comes with a separate TIG torch.

It's a terrific welder for those desiring to learn to weld and is extremely versatile.


  • Dual voltage means few problems finding an input receptacle 
  • 200 Amps at 30 percent duty cycle for 220 voltage gives plenty of power 
  • Made in the USA
  • Long cables make welding easier
  • 2-year Warranty 


  • Be careful you buy from an authorized seller 
  • A bit of an energy hog 

9. Miller Electric, Millermatic 211 (907614)

Another dual 120/220 volt welder, Miller has a solid reputation in welding, and this MIG welder does not disappoint. One of the great features about this welder is the on-demand cooling fan, which keeps welding interruptions to a minimum.

It also features a strong duty cycle of 40 percent at 150 amps when running on 220. When using 110, the duty cycle drops to 20 percent. It's also lightweight.

There is some confusion about the manufacturing process. While everything is put together in Miller's U.S. factory, most of the parts are manufactured in China.

It does have a decent warranty, however, of 3-years.


  • Has a cooling fan and is ultra-quiet 
  • Weighs only 49 lbs
  • Dual 120/220 volt use 
  • 3-year warranty 


  • Somewhat expensive 
  • One customer had an issue with this welder due to not having the ability to weld freely without access build up.
  • Confusion about the source of the build. Put together in the U.S but made of Chinese parts

10. AmicoPower MTS-205

On paper, this seems like the perfect welder. It has a high duty cycle, pumps in high amps and does MIG/TIG-Torch and Stick Arc Welding.

However, our primary issue is that the MTS is Chinese made, and if it's such a great welder, why only a 1-year warranty?

Also, it appears that technical assistance is very low for the company, and they only have one person on their entire staff who knows anything about the technical aspects of welding.


  • Combined MIG/TIG and Stick Welding 
  • Dual voltage welding unit 
  • High amps 


  • Only 1-year warranty 
  • Very limited technical assistance 

Buying Guide For 220v MIG Welders

One of the fastest and easiest welding methods, MIG welding is safe to use if you’re new to welding. If you want a nice strong weld on a thicker piece of steel, a 220v unit is optimal. Anything under 220v is good for thin materials. If you don’t want to worry about the strength of your product, the 220v unit is the way to go.

You can weld up to ½ inch of steel with flux core wire if you have a larger 220v MIG welder. With high penetrating power, you achieve a strong weld that works for all kinds of jobs. Wondering what else you should take into consideration from a welder? Here are some other factors.

MIG Welding Gun at 220v

The welding gun on a unit is what supplies your electrical current to the weld. It also feeds you wire and delivers gas. Make sure you have a sturdy gun that has a gas regulator. 

Duty Cycle

Appropriate running time for a MIG welder is important when you’re looking from one machine to the next. You’ll probably take note that a MIG welder will have a duty cycle of anywhere from five to ten minutes. Try to get the best duty cycle for your money. 


Depending on what thickness and type of metal you’re using, your input and output will likely matter. A 220v MIG welder is versatile enough for all thick materials. You can opt for multiple voltage MIG welders if you want even more versatility. 


If you purchase a low quality 220v MIG welder that isn’t designed with safety in mind, you could be putting yourself and others in harm’s way. Make sure everything is working properly with zero malfunctions. 

Frequently Asked Questions About 220v MIG Welders

Q: Should I buy a 220v MIG welder that’s portable?

Portability is always an attractive feature. It provides you with the opportunity to take your welder wherever you want it to go. Most MIG welders at this voltage will be portable unless you’re shopping the higher-end commercial models.

If you opt for a larger MIG welder, think about buying a cart for it at some point. A cart is nice because you can keep all of your welding items together where they're optimally protected.

Q: Are there different wire speeds to worry about?

The 220v MIG welder you’re looking at should advertise different wire speeds. This allows you to control the output to a level that’s comfortable for you as you weld. The more options, the better.

Q: Can I use a 220v extension cord?

You can use a welding extension cord for your 220v welder. Choose one with flexibility and strength. Your welder may even come with one. This reinforces the load that you are using. Most of them work outside in colder weather if you’re trying to weld something that’s outdoors.


There are some great welding machines on this list, but our top pick goes to the Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welding Unit, however if you want a machine that is widely known for power and quality, as well as having the luxury of affording one, the Hobart Ironman 230 would be the way to go.

Hobart is a very popular and reliable brand, has a decent warranty, and you simply can't beat the 7 pre-selected welding settings if you don't want to bother with your own refinements. The price vs all the features is definitely worth your money to invest.

In addition, the dual power capability of the Hobart Handler makes this a great choice for both pro and amateur welders.