When it comes to comparing and researching which 110v MIG Welder to purchase for your work, hobbies, or side jobs. Wouldn’t you want to see a simple and easy lists of high-quality welders so you get the best equipment for the money. Learning about the benefits of each welder will greatly increase your chances of purchasing the best welder you need.

Basing your own personal wants and needs in a welder will also be a big factor when picking out a welder for you. Maybe you haven’t seen any of these types of welders or maybe you’re a first-time welder and need knowledge on what welder is the most recommended and purchased welder. As well and making sure it's within your budget and not just some cheap welder.

This list will shed some light on the benefits of each welder, what comes included with your welder, along with what jobs work best with each of these welders to best suit any situation you’re in or any job that requires a welder. Maybe you're looking for a certain welder for different size jobs you want or need done, or maybe you're looking for a one size fits all type of welder or maybe you just want all of the above for under your budget.

Top Cheap 110v MIG Welder in 2020

1. The Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder

The Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder has the capability of welding 24 ga up to ¼ in mild steel, along with being able to weld a wide range of metals from Cast Iron, Copper, Brass, Magnesium Alloys, Titanium and much more. This welder’s power source is corded-electric, weighs 65lbs, also includes heavy-duty work clamp to keep your metals in place when using our welder. 

Built and manufactured with a high-quality industrial drive system, made with cast iron to ensure our welder is durable to withstand significant amounts of usage.

Many of our selections have satisfied customers who have rated this specific welder a 5 out of 5 stars for performance, easy to use and maintain, and quality of our welder. The pros and cons of this welder vary with each customer and how they think the welder performed with multiple uses.


  • Quality, this welder is made with the highest quality of technology and equipment for each job you’ll be using this welder on.
  • Simple and easy for beginners, some customers have recommended this for first-timers and beginners.
  • Solid and durable and can keep going no matter how long you use this welder.


  • Some customers did not like the packaging this welder came in due to the box throwing them off with what they ordered.
  • A few customers did not like hoe small the welder was when they received it in the mail.

2. Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder

The Lincoln Electric K2185-1 Handy MIG Welder welder is designed to be compatible with storage, easily portable, and lightweight for any job where this welder is required. The types of work this welder works great for are hobbies, home repairs and maintenance along with small side projects. Customers have rated this welder a 4.5 out of 5 for quality, easy assembly, sufficiency, accuracy and speed control.

Many have recommended this countless times to others who might be looking for a welder with great potential within your budget like this welder. This welder is great for beginners or those who want to give welding a try, with easy assembly, simple instructions, and great quality this welder will get the job done.


  • Any beginner can easily use this welder and is highly recommended for beginners, one key aspect of this welder most customers enjoyed was the ability to control the heat settings.
  • High-quality performance on any house repairs, small side jobs, car repairs and much more.
  • Comes with a guarantee that states this welder is heavy-duty, durable and has the capacity to endure high maintenance jobs.


  • Some customers did not like the mask that is included with this welder and recommended not to use it but to buy a better-quality mask.
  • A few customers have stated they were not used to the set up of this welder compared to other welders they purchased in the past.

3. Forney Easy Weld 299 125RC Flux Core Welder

With 120-volt inputs, 125 Amp outputs this welder is lightweight, compact-able and can be used for jobs such as making metal art, hobbies, or yard projects.

The Forney Easy Weld 299 125RC Flux Core Welder does not require shielding gas like most other welders and comes with simple instructions easy to read for beginners. Customers have rated this Flux welder a 4.5 out 5 stars for compatibility, quality, durance, and easy to use and operate.

Forney manufactures quality welder that will out preform competitors for the money. It's what you need for projects that require precision.


  • Built with fantastic quality manufacturing for even the toughest jobs which require this Flux Cored welder.
  • Get the job done the first time around, and performs fantastically on small projects, house repairs, and yard projects.
  • Easy to use, easy to assemble and easy to control the heat settings.


  • Some customers did not like the fact this welder only comes with a 20 percent duty cycle when put on the highest output available.
  • Short welding cords have also been an issue for some customers who have used welders with longer cords prior to purchasing this welder.

4. Longevity Migweld 140-140 Amp

The Longevity Migweld 140-140 Amp comes Equipped with power plug preinstalled, runs on a 110v outlet source, extremely powerful and durable for hobby projects, car repairs, house repairs, and yard work.

Extremely cheap, portable, secure, accurate and sufficient during any and all uses of this welder. 

Customers have left feedback on this welder and many of them have liked the price, feed mechanism, the amount of spool capacity this welder is capable of handling along with the wire speed.


  • Great Quality, as described by customers who have purchased this specific welder, the quality of this welder went above and beyond some of the customer's expectations.
  • Durance and durability of this welder amazed several customers who have bought this welder, many enjoyed being able to get their projects and or side jobs are done with great accuracy.
  • Experienced welders have highly recommended this welder for those who need car repairs and home repairs for all types of welders from beginners to experienced welders.


  • Some customers had a problem with being able to feed the wire through the binding tip but were able to resolve the issue right away.
  • A few customers have stated some of the wing nuts needed to be bolted and tightened before being able to use this welder, but once the problem was fixed this welder worked fantastically for them.

5. Hobart 500536001 IronMan 230 Spool Gun

Built with an aluminum wire drive system, designed with the capability of delivering a range of welding power from 30 to 250 Amps. Comes equipped with power cord, MIG regulator, double-sided cable hangers along with a 15-foot 200 AMP MIG gun.

The Hobart 500536001 IronMan 230 Spool Gun rated a 4.8 out of 5 stars by customers for accuracy, quality performance, price tag, and satisfaction with equipment included. Many customers who have purchased this welder have stated they highly recommend this welder to anyone who is in the welding industry because this welder gets the job done with ease and accuracy for the money.


  • Great heat settings and controls to make your work and side projects get done with ease.
  • High-quality manufacturing for the best accuracy for your job.
  • Easy to operate and assemble even for beginners, makes doing tasks and projects easier and makes your welding process quick and fast in less time compared to other welders.


  • Does not come equipped with a fancy digital display, some customers had an issue with that but also stated those aren’t always necessary.
  • A few customers had an issue with the pricing, but later on once they used this welder, they changed their minds.

6. Forney 318 190-AMP MIG Welder

The Forney 318 190-AMP MIG Welder equipped with flowmeter and gas hose, this welder has the capability to weld up to 3/8 inch metals, 1 phase with 190 AMP Max output. This welder is best described as accurate, versatile, easy to use, within their budget, with a high satisfaction rating from customers who’ve purchased this welder.

Ideally suitable for work on farms, vehicles, boats, repairs and other welding jobs that require this type of welder. It also comes equipped with the geared idler, drive roll, cable wrap and easy spool access with the help of a large cabinet.


  • Customers enjoyed the fact this welder has a longer ground cable than other welders they used prior to purchasing this welder.
  • Easy to assemble and use, one customer stated this welder allowed him to get his job done in under 10 minutes.
  • Durability is one of the key factors customers have liked about this welder along with getting continuous usage out of this welder without any problems occurring.


  • One customer stated his door didn’t latch closed all the way or stayed closed but wasn’t that big of an issue.
  • A few customers had a problem with how this welder was shipped to them, some had dents on their welders, but because there is a warranty of this welder they were able to return their welder and get a brand new welder without any issues.

7. Hobart 300796 Spool Gun

This Hobart 300796 Spool Gun comes equipped with 10 feet cable lead, has a spring-loaded tension release mechanism to create an easier feeding for the spool/wire.

Fantastic for Auto and Marine repairs that require aluminum welding to complete jobs and tasks you might need worked on or finished. Wire sizes for this spool gun are 0.023 inch to .035 inch, also have a duty cycle of 60 percent with 150 amp.


  • Comes equipped with extra contact tips for interchangeable wires based on different jobs and uses.
  • Several customers have complimented the way this Spool Gun has the capability to be used in various ways, easy to assemble and swap tools.
  • Customers have rated this Spool Gun a 4.2 out of 5 stars for the capability of this Spool Gun based on various jobs completed by this Spool Gun.


  • Some customers have had problems with their wire drive systems, but with the customer satisfaction guarantee and warranty on this Spool Gun their issues were quickly resolved.
  • Another customer expressed his concern about the manufacturer needing to create an access hole after the roller to make lining up all the correct holes easier and more sufficient.

8. Lotos MIG175 175 AMP Welder

The Lotos MIG175 175 AMP Welder comes with a free spool gun, solid wires, argon regulators, and welding masks. Wide range of multiple usages with stainless steel, aluminum from 3/16” and smaller, with an input voltage of 220/240V AC.

Satisfaction guaranteed with a 30-day refund offer plus a one year warranty on any parts included with this product.

Rated a 4.8 out of 5 stars by customers based on sufficiency, quality and quantity of items included. Easy to assemble, quick to use as well as a long operating time frame and powerful precision for any job or work you need to get accomplished.


  • Welder incorporates a re-settle able overload protection to make sure you never run out of power or overheat your welder while working on your repairs.
  • Customers have enjoyed using this welder based on the quality of welding, the number of items that were included as well as the accuracy of getting their jobs done in a less amount of time.
  • Highly recommend this welder for beginners, those who want to get more experience in welding and more experienced welder based on the quality of work this welder accomplishes for the money


  • A few customers didn’t like how their unit was packaged and shipped, but with the help of our customer service staff their issues were quickly resolved.
  • One customer stated he did not like the fact that this welder doesn’t allow you to buy replacement parts and that he did not receive his spool gun, this issue was resolved and handled professionally and properly.

9. Lincoln Electric CO K2698-1

Manufactured with a Flux Core, with an Input Voltage of 208/240 VAC, this welder can be used on mild steel materials, stainless steel, and aluminum. Designed with a wire size of 0.025in. to 0.035in, along with a 60 Hz, 20 Input Amps.

The Lincoln Electric CO K2698-1 is known for durability, pricing, portability, and easy usage. This MIG welder will have all your projects done with an ease.


  • Highly recommended for beginners, easy to learn and operate.
  • Can be used for a variety of jobs such as porch work, patio roofing, furniture repairs, and work.


  • A few customers had issues with their packaging and boxing of their welder, but were able to fix the issue and had their welder replaced with a brand new welder.
  • One customer had an issue with this welder due to not having the ability to weld freely without access build up.

10. Lincoln Electric Powermig 210 MP

The Lincoln Electric Powermig 210 MP designed to be portable, lightweight and capable to weld a vast variety of steel, metal, and aluminum with ease, equipped with Dual Voltage inputs. Setup is easy and fast with the help of push and turns digital controls while operating this welder. Idealistically made for any hobbies, small contract jobs, or teaching purposes for versatile usages.

This Lincoln Electric Powermig 210 MP is described to be powerful machine, this welder gives you the ability to take it anywhere, also gives you advance options to swap or change any parts. It also includes a Clamp Electrode holder, Magnum gun, Spindle Adapter Sampler as well as a Lead Assembly- Adjustable Gas Regulator.


  • Customers have rated this product a 4.4 out of 5 based on the accessibility this welder allows them to have while working, along with this welder being lightweight and durable.
  • Quite a few customers have stated this welder worked amazingly with every task needed to be accomplished by this welder.
  • This welder allows beginners to gain more experience and also have the ability to get their work done faster and easier.


  • One customer did not like the way the look of the product was based on the look and the way this welder was shipped to him.
  • The wire wheel pulley drive shaft gave a few customers problems with running out of rounds, causing them to hit or miss their welding work causing them to have to stop and figure out what the problem was.


When it comes to buying, comparing and using Welders be sure to keep in mind it’s not always about the pricing of the product but the quality, performance, and reviews other customers have left about these welders.

So it all comes down to which is the best 110v MIG welder for the money?

We recommend the Hobart 500559 Handler Wire Welder as our top 100v MIG welder for your everyday use due it how reliable it is for all types of projects, big or small.